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At Gracie University Las Vegas, you get the highest quality jiu jitsu education possible. We are certified to teach the Gracie University® curriculum developed by Rener and Ryron Gracie. 


As a Gracie University® student, you'll get FREE access to the video curriculum at GracieUniversity.com so you can review detailed videos of each and every lesson in the curriculum!

You can also train at any other Certified Training Center around the world, for FREE!


We offer the renowned, copyrighted programs, Gracie Bullyproof for kids, Gracie Combatives, & Master Cycle.

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Most Brazilian jiu jitsu schools want you to sign up after one free trial class. At Gracie University Las Vegas, we prefer that you try us out for 10 days! Your FREE 10-day trial includes a loaner uniform and unlimited access to all of our beginner group classes. We’re that confident that you will love the class structure, the curriculum, and the highest quality instruction.  If it doesn't fit your schedule, or it doesn't work out for ANY reason, simply return the loaner gi, and you won't be charged for anything!! Fill out the form below to start your 10 day FREE trial period. 

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