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Apex Advanced Program

The Apex Advanced Program is based on the systematic curriculum of John Danaher. The structure and teaching methodologies ensure that you have a profound understanding of the techniques shown. Each facet of jiu jitsu is taught in chapters to facilitate greater understanding and retention.  

Each Advanced class is 90 minutes long.

Class breakdown:

Every advanced class begins with a 10 minute review/warm-up period during which you may review previous lessons or explore techniques. During the review period, we encourage you to collaborate with your training partners.

Technical Instruction
After the review, the instructor will present 2-3 new techniques from the current chapter of study. The techniques are practiced cooperatively until the movements become natural, followed by an exploration of the techniques with intelligent resistance. 

Situational Sparring
After the instruction, students will spend the next 15-20 minutes on situational sparring, related to the subject of the day. This is to help 
develop the skills necessary to execute the techniques under duress.


Free Sparring

Students then have the option to spend the last 20 minutes on free sparring. This is done with the understanding that you are to improve your technical game - and not to prioritize your "win" over your partners safety. Erratic and dangerous sparring behaviors are never welcome.

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